NMTA PAC Donations

Dear Fellow Members of the Northwest Marine Trade Association:

We are inviting you to join our efforts to give stronger voice to our interests in state and local political discourse. We have made contributions to the NMTA Political Action Committee well beyond the minimum suggested level, and we encourage you to do so as well.

This is an Election Year:

Government policies by those elected can severely impact our individual operations, balance sheet, and customer satisfaction. Most organizations – some with interests in direct conflict with ours - have far greater resources because their members have made a commitment to make a change. That is why the 2022 elections are the time to bring balance to our government by recognizing good candidates and building relationships that will support our industry for years to come.

We face ongoing threats to our industry which generates $6.9 billion to Washington state’s economy. Looking forward, we see a virtual squall of harmful proposals just off the bow. We must have the political strength to voice our concerns:

  • Devastating wake-surfing laws are coming across the country that will impact dealers, manufacturers, accessory retailers, and others.
  • Costly new work ergonomics legislation.
  • Mandatory PFD’s, beyond the tepid proposals we have already seen.
  • New tax rules and laws, disguised as luxury taxes or “taxes on the rich.”
  • Overreaching and counterproductive “environmental” policies.
  • A region with ineffective policies to deter crime, homeless encampments, and public drug dealing, causing fear among employees and customers.

We need better elected representation in Olympia. While a handful of officeholders can be considered champions of the marine trades sector and recreational fishing, far too many simply oppose, are uneducated, or are ambivalent toward our industry.

For better or worse, money talks in politics. Legislative candidates currently spend about $400K for a House seat and $1M for a Senate seat in the state legislature. Last year, our total PAC fundraising provided just $16K for our participation, or the equivalent of less than 4 percent of the cost of one House seat.

Please joining us by stepping up your support for the NMTA PAC this year, right now.


Grant Oberg
Anacortes Marina

Jordan Glidden
Elliott Bay Marina

Kelly Hawley
Tom n Jerry’s Boat Center
Master Marine

Neil Falkenburg
West Bay Marina

Kathi Zittel
Zittel’s Marina

Jennie Spillane
Union Marine

Clint Curry
Hewes Marine Co.

Margie Freeman
Fremont Boat Co.

Brian Bjur
Lockhaven Marina

Dwight Jones
Foss Landing

PS. If each member contributed $100 annually, we’ll surpass $50,000 and show competitive political strength!!


July 25, 2024

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